5 Ways Realtors Can Better Connect with Consumers

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5 Ways Realtors Can Better Connect with Consumers 

By Emilio DiSpirito, Realtor and Team Leader of the DiSpirito Team with HomeSmart Professionals Real Estate

(7 Minute Read)

This article is for agents and anyone who would like an inside look at the daily grind of a Realtor. 

Converting leads is something successful real estate agents do better than anyone else. We are "on" and never "off" and always looking for opportunities.

If you are an agent who has been down on your luck, just starting out, or noticed that the "old ways" are no longer working for you... take a breather and spend a few minutes to see how our team, The DiSpirito Team is using the following 5 power moves to crank out a ton of business and convert leads to buyer and seller clients. We have one mission and that is to give consumers what they need and want. 

1.) Your Speed to Action is 100% Vital. 

We've all have heard this.. but do we practice this? You must contact a lead within 4 minutes of inquiry. After 4 minutes, from our experience, the lead is 90% less likely to even answer your call.

Here is what we do: 

The DiSpirito Team will connect with all buyers or sellers within 4 minutes of initial inquiry. That is right, an active, live top Rhode Island Realtor will be in touch with one of our prospects within 4 minutes. In the event an agent is unable to do so, the prospective home buyer or seller will receive a notification from one of our assistants and an agent will be in touch asap! Speedy and reliable real estate service is essential today. 

2.) Winners Are Recognizable! 

How do you answer your call when leads come in? This matters so much because, within the next 3 seconds, this person is going to decide to either hang up or continue to listen. (This rings true especially when you miss the original call and are contacting them after!)

Here is what we do:

Hi Kevin, this is Emilio, a local Realtor on Zillow. You contacted me about 23 Howland Rd., the yellow colonial with the large red door up on the hill. How can I help you? 

The above greeting offers the prospective client the opportunity to figure out that you are returning their call and are not spamming them!

Now imagine the other way... Hello Kevin, this is Emilio DiSpirito with the DiSpirito Team at HomeSmart Professionals Real Estate (Kevin thinks.. Who the F?! CLICK!!)

3.) Engage with Education. 

When a prospective client calls me or I return a call (within 4 minutes), I'm not letting them go until they understand the current real estate market. I look at it as my duty as a real estate professional and someone who ethically wears the R on my lapel each day. You will quickly find out how serious this buyer or seller is, where they are in the process, what they know, need to know and if they are truly interested. Now, what do you think their thoughts will be about you? A complete stranger who just took 5 to 10 minutes out of his or her day to give them advice without anything in return... much better than the average call right?!

Here is one question that will jump-start your new relationship:

What have you heard about the market? (Allow the buyer or seller to reply. From there, you will understand what they will need to know or not know and by doing this, you are respecting their time and instantly adding value. I don't know about you, but personally, I want to work with people who have my needs in mind as a cosumer.. so why are "leads" any different?)

 4.) Never Follow Up Just to Follow Up. 

We get a ton of calls as real estate professionals right?! Zillow, Mortgage Brokers, Homes and Realtor.com and so on.. I noticed there is one thing salespeople do that pisses me off so bad when I'm on the other end!! They lose the sale before they can even finish the following phrase...

 "Hey Emilio, I'm Just Calling to Follow Up". 

 Do you know how I or anyone in their right mind today would translate that? 
"Hi prospect #33, you have not purchased our service yet and we want you to buy now. I'm not concerned with your thoughts, needs or what will help you, I JUST want to follow up to sell you."

 LIGHTBULB!!! If it pisses me off... maybe it pisses my prospective clients off!!! AHA!! Long behold, a new rule was implemented on the DiSpirito Team, and it is "Never Follow up Just to Follow Up - Always Provide Value!" 

Here is what we do:
Jean, you originally called us about 123 Hardwick Street and said you loved the granite kitchen, Edison lighting fixtures, and garage. 347 Parker Steet is hitting the market today and has many of those details you liked. Would you like to see it?

Shelly, it's Emilio. A month back, you asked me to run a fair market value for your home. Since then, my team and I have been paying close attention to your neighborhood in order to alert you with the latest information that has impacted your homes price. We prepared an updated report and I think you will be pleasantly surprised that the value of your home has stayed consistent and has actually even increased by $2700 in the past month. Are you still interested in hearing what we can do for you?

 OR you could stick with the normal..

"Hi John, it's Tom and I was JUST CALLING to FOLLOW..." (CLICK!!)

5.) Hold Their Hand to the Next Step.

 We, "Grown-ups" are nothing more than big kids. When making large life decisions like buying a home, we need guidance and our bonus tip will dive a little deeper into this. As service professionals, it's our duty to coddle our clients.

Here is what we do:

Kevin, it was great talking with you. You really have your head on straight and know a lot about the market now. Did you find our conversation helpful? (YES!), great, I appreciate hearing that and all of our clients say the same thing! (They really do!). Hey, before I let you go, you contacted me off one of the consumer portals, right? (YES), hmm, that's interesting. Do you know how sites like that work? They basically take your info and sell it to 3 or so agents on every property that you click on.. Granted, I appreciate that service as it's how we met, but don't you agree you it would not be fun to be contacted by 3 or 4 agents for every property you eventually click? (YES) I'm going to give you access to my Realtor software, where you can see every home that's available on the market. Is that ok with you? (YES) Ok perfect, is ChefKevin@Gmail.com the best email to get you on? (YES) great! And when would you like to see some of the properties we discussed? 

Bonus: Don't Be a Pushover

When hiring an attorney to fight for your freedom, would you rather have someone who is cowardly or confident? Confident. Because confidence wins cases! EVERYONE wants to work with a professional and a confident one at that. Know your market, know your client and know your business. Wear your confidence well, because your clients need it when making the largest purchase or sale of their lives. 

Contact Emilio DiSpirito www.Calendly.com/emiliodiv

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